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          Category :

          Inorganic chemicals

          CAS NO : 9002-86-2;93050-82-9
          EC NO : 200-831-0
          Molecular Formula : (C2H3Cl)n
          Main Specifications :
          Synonyms : Pvc resin;Polyvinyl chloride film;Poly(1-chloroethylene);Polyvinyl chloride sheet;Vinyl chloride homopolymer latex;Polyvinyl chloride granula;Polyvinyl chloride mixture granula,modified;Polyvinyl chloride resin;Polyvinyl chloride;Armodour;Atactic poly(vinyl chloride);Bakelite;Boltaron;Carina;Chloroethylene homopolymerise;Chloroethylene homopolymerise [french];Chloroethylene polymer;Dacovin;Dynadur;Expanded polyvinyl chloride;Genotherm;Hostalit;Poly(vinyl chloride);Chloroethene homopolymer (9ci);Ethene, chloro-, homopolymer;Ethylene, chloro-, polymer;Polyvinylchloride;Chloroethylene, polymer;PVC;chloroethene;
          Package: 25kg/standard export bag conveyance kraft bag/PE
          Uses : mainly for producing soft film,leather,sheet,pipe,profiles,tubes,pipes,packaging
          Molecular Structure:PVC 9002-86-2;93050-82-9
          Product description: Polyvinyl chloride can be abbreviated to PVC. It is a kind of thermoplastic plastic.It is white powder. Our company produces PVC by suspension method and polymerization technique. On customers' requirements, we can produce SG-1 and SG-8 common PVC and special PVC with low polymerization degree. PVC resin has a wide range of application. SG-1 is used in producing high-grade electrical insulating material, SG-2 is used in producing electrical insulating material,common soft products and film, SG-3 is used in producing electrical insulating materials, agricultural film, daily-use plastic products, ,SG-4 is used in producing membranelle for industrial and civil use, tube and pipes, SG-5 is used in producing transparent products section bar, hard tube and decorative materials.SG-6 is used in producing clear foil, hard board and welding rod SG-7, SG-8 is used in producing clear foil, hard injection molding.
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