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          Welcome to the ChemNet Help Center
          The ChemNet Help Center offers an explanation of our main website features, located on the navigation bar above.

          · Search

          Search the entire Web for relevant web pages and web sites. This search offers you new, faster ways to find the chemical information you're looking for from all the Network. You can access a range of features with one simple search.
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          · Gold Suppliers

          Being the largest online B2B chemical service provider, ChemNet offering excellent, value-added services to thousands of international chemical companies.ChemNet gold Suppliers are the leading featured suppliers in the chemical market. Since more and more buyers prefer to do business with pre-qualiified sellers,To become a gold supplier of ChemNet, you are no doubt to increase your credibility with buyers and gain access to ChemNet's vast database of global buyers.

          Gold Supplier Membership:
            · A “Gold supplier” logo will be marked to your company which show more credibility to the global business partners.
            · Your company will get priority listing in our Directory.
            · Your products will get a directry listing on ChemNet’s homepage which make it easily searched by searching machine.
            · Will provide you own showroom which enhance your company's marketing efforts with continuous exposure on ChemNet.
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          · Buy & Sell

          Find and post offers to buy and sell at our Trade Leads section. To locate trade leads, you can use our search engine or click on one of the categories at the bottom of the page. If you wish to post an offer, simply click on the appropriate link, and you will be prompted to provide information for the trade lead.
          Both members and non-members may post trade leads. However, members receive the additional benefit of personalized trade alerts for products of interest to their business in their Chemnet mailbox. Please note that, when posting trade leads, non-members will be prompted each time to supply their contact information.
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          · Directory

          Our directory page is the information central for ChemNet. From here, you can access all of the main ChemNet databases.
          One of the easiest ways to find something is to search the directory. You can simply enter your search terms in the box, or opt for an advanced search by clicking on the appropriate link. Your query should lead you to a results page, where you can browse relevant links. If your search yields no results, consider revising your keywords or making the search less specific.
          Alternatively, you can click on a category or link that corresponds to what you're looking for. This is a good option if you're more interested in browsing through information, rather than finding something specific. For example, if you're looking for a chemistry department at a college or university, you can click on the "Universities & Colleges" link under the "Organizations" category. This option takes you to a listing of further categories or webpages you can scan through until you find what interests you.

          · News

          ChemNet News offer you chemical news around the world everyday, we continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.These are all free for you!

          If you have any other question about ChemNet , or any suggestion / opinion to the content and service offered by our website, just no hesitate to Contact Us !

          ChemNet Help Center

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