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          ChemNet is the most powerful product of NetSun, the first highly reputed IT company in China A stock market. The company specializes in industry-specific B2B services and is named as the leader in this field. Up to the present, more than 85% China chemical enterprises online have become our clients. We have also paid much attention on chemical safety and given more and more help to our clients.

          During more than ten years development, ChemNet has built solid foundation in China B2B industry. Now we pay regard to overseas cooperation by inviting various global websites to partner with us. Meanwhile ChemNet will help our partners to extend their business and influence in China. All the partners will benefit from our company’s experience and resources.

          As a growing provider of B2B services, ChemNet will share its resources with partners. ChemNet and its partners are identifying common goals to improve business effectiveness and manufacturing safety.

          ChemNet cordially welcomes select associations, medium and B2B websites to be our partners.



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